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Company History

    I.C.T. Power Company Inc. was founded by President and C.E.O., Afshin Montazeri in August of 1992. The launch of I.C.T. Power addressed the growing need within the Power Electronics Industry for a total solutions supplier. We provide day to day components with enhanced technical support to production and maintenance clients. Strength and experience in the power conversion and control systems design allow us to service our clients effectively and efficiently.

  The company saw rapid growth as a result of its concentrated focus on the Power Electronics markets. In 2001, with the acquisition of the Power Electronics group from Siemens – Westinghouse, we expanded on our measurable value added services and products to our clients.

   With the addition of well known, quality oriented manufacturers, the completion of the product offering was strengthened. Combined with the expansion of our engineering and manufacturing capacity, larger and larger operations were required.

    As a result of the growth, in order to better serve our customers globally, a decision was made to separate our engineering and manufacturing business from our distribution business. This decision saw the birth of our sister company Innovation Plus Power Systems Inc. in January of 2005. Later in 2005, the purchase and retooling of our latest facility to suit our day to day needs and our rapid growth patterns was required.

   Today, I.C.T. Power is one of the largest stocking distributors of power electronics components in North America.

    The rapid and sustainable growth has been a direct result of the incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable staff whose focus is always on the long term business goals of its clients.

   In the years to come, I.C.T Power will continue to take advantage of the ever growing power electronics market through expansion of product lines and enhancement of existing sales and operations with the opening of new sales offices in strategic locations. 



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